Luv-A-Duck | 2023 Influencer Campaign

Influencer Management Strategy & Implementation

Develop an integrated influencer management strategy aimed at creating new content for Luv-A-Duck, while leveraging the creative skills of popular influencers and tapping into their existing audiences. The client had clear objectives around budgets, products to highlight and messaging, while we had complete autonomy to identify influencers of value (both macro and micro in scale), contact them and manage the delivery of the content and the final publication and reporting of the results.
The campaign delivered over 45 new recipes, each with their own collection of content ranging from social media reels to sumptuous recipe imagery, all from more than a dozen different influencers, including Justine Schofield, Conor Curran and Chef Tom Walton. Audience reach grew exponentially, engagement increased, and we saw noticeable spikes in product enquiry and sales aligned with the publishing over each post.

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